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How to create Windows 10 installer iso file after the upgrade online

Recently, Microsoft has launched Windows 10. Remarkably is provided free of charge for users of Windows 7 and 8. For users of Windows 7 and 8 please immediately upgrade your system with a free Windows 10 through Windows 10 upgrade service for free from the internet.

The process of upgrading windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 quite easily. This can be done through an existing system of automatic updates in Windows 7 and 8. For this process I will explain later.

For those who have completed the upgrade to Windows 10 is no more additional conveniences that you can make the installer iso file of Windows 10 that could be needed for emergency repair your system. You can save it on your hard disk or burn it on a DVD as a precaution.

This is the step to make the installer iso file from Windows 10 file Upgrade :
  • Please download the application ESDtoISO here
  • Open Windows Explorer and set the display mode with a check list section Hidden Items

  • Temp files are downloaded when upgrading Windows 10 looks on drive C:\$Windows.~WS

  • Extract the files from the downloaded example put in E:\ESDtoISO
  • Open the $Windows.~WS\Sources then copy the file install.esd put in E:\ESDtoISO

  • Run ESDtoISO by right-clicking the file Decrypt and select Administrator and click Yes

  • Type the number 1 to select the Create full install.wim Standard, Windows 10 default installer file, then press enter.

  • Wait for the process is complete, it took 30 minutes to complete this process

  • Windows 10 Installer iso file is completed and ready for use, Have a look at the directory ESDtoISO, there iso file with the name en_windows_10_pro_10240_x86_dvd

That step to make iso installer file for Windows 10 from files install.esd of the results of the upgrade process are provided by Microsoft free of charge

I hope this helps.

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