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My Experience Using Puppy Live USB And Skype On Notebook Without HDD

It is my experience for the umpteenth time when I had to use a laptop computer, or more precisely without using hard drive. And my thoughts became more impressed as I do in an emergency or urgent situation. And besides, my experience on the Live USB System is also quite surprising because the system that I choose and I use is a system with full force. So far I have been using the system Windows XP Mini Live USB which is one of the popular features of Hiren Boot USB.

Back again on the Live USB System, my choice is the Puppy Live USB is one of the Linux distributions are quite full force and very light. And about what Puppy Live USB please visit http://puppylinux.org. And to download Puppy ISO please download here, now available Puppy 6.0 or called by Tahrpup. Here are some of my explanation about my choice to use Puppy Live USB.

I use Puppy Live USB is for urgent and compelling need. My goal was I asked to perform communication Video Call or live streaming with someone who does not want to be replaced by phone or chat. And I am sorry, it turns out my laptop does not have a web cam and I also do not other universal web cam. And besides that my friend did not have a smartphone that already has the ability to video call. In such circumstances I find the idea of using my customer's laptop where his broken laptop Hard drive (HDD).

Initially I tried to use a Windows XP Mini system with Hiren Boot USB, but I can not turn on Wi-Fi and a web cam on a laptop. So I can not make a video call to my friend. Because of the urgency I then explore seek another Live USB Systems on the internet. And then my choice fell on Puppy Live USB's.

In Puppy Live USB is when I make video calls also have some problems. First, I am used to make video calls over Facebook because it is quite easy to use and the video quality is also quite good. But it turned up not provide video calling feature on Linux, only support for Windows and MAC systems. Then I tried to use google hangout, and this was my first experience of live video streaming using google hangout, but the results are not satisfactory. In addition to the video that is often jammed or bufering resulting video quality is not good enough. Like it or not I should try the popular Skype application. And for that I need to download and install Skype for Puppy Live USB mine and I can do this quickly and easily, and the results are quite satisfactory. The video quality is quite nice and smoothly without much lag (bufering).

How to create a Live USB Puppy:
  • Download Puppy ISO here (I chose Puppy Tahrpup 6.0)
  • Download UNetbootin here
  • Run UNetbootin, and follow the picture below:

  • Wait format UNetBootin process and copy the files to your USB Puppy
  • Puppy Live USB is ready for use
I use this experience to use Puppy Live USB and Skype on the laptop without HDD. Hopefully you do not laugh at this outpouring of my heart. And hopefully can help you.

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