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Tips on choosing a cheap VGA to play heavy games

Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) is a computer component that serves to process graphics data and will produce good images to be displayed to the screen, these components are usually used for gaming and design, desktop PCs with higher specifications, but not equipped with a VGA PC will definitely not be able to run the game with stunning graphics, amazing, and comfortable in the eyes.

Heavy games like Crysis3, and the latest Battlefield4, Watch Dogs need strong VGA, VGA great addition to requiring a true gaming PC also requires other hardware such as the processor, RAM, power supply strong support as well.

Tips Choosing VGA Card for PC Gaming

I understand and am sure many of you who want to play heavy games like phenomenal Crysis3, Battlefield4 Watch Dogs, etc, but when we only have a computer system that is mediocre, we usually will seek a solution to upgrade or buy a cheap VGA or VGA fit for your wallet, this goal is that we can play heavy games on our computers, although it can not reach the highest picture settings, at least we can play severe with low or medium quality.

To facilitate your choice, I will make a deal that here is cheap VGA VGA-heavyweight to play games with prices over 100 dollars

Based on one of the famous computer hardware websites TomsHardware, this time for the price range under 100 dollars, gamers choose VGA DDR3 Radeon HD 6670 and Radeon HD 7750 HD 7750 HD 7750. Rodeon Having a more expensive price of the HD6670, but performance is also obtained more either of the HD 6670. Today, I saw the Radeon HD 6670 1GB DDR5 (not DDR3 and better) at a price of 75 dollars of hIS, while the HD 6670 1GB DDR3 Sapphire brand 58 dollars, cheap enough ?. At Nvidia brands you can get 1024MB DDR3 GeForce GT 640 for 75 dollars and a Geforce GT 630 2048MB DDR3 for $ 50 dollars, all this VGA price can change at any time.

Here tips on choosing a cheap VGA to play heavy games:
  • Note the amount of memory, make sure at least 1GB
  • Select a minimum of DDR3, DDR5 more powerful and performance
  • See instructions bit, 28bit or 256bit minimum and higher will be better.
  • Support for DirectX 11
  • Having a reliable warranty

I conclude, for the category of cheap VGA to heavy game you can choose the HD 7750, or if you are lucky you can get a HD 4850 or GTS 450 under 100 dollars. All VGA I think it's pretty heavy to play computer games today. Remember, to play computer games heavyweight, VGA only one of the factors supporting it, other than that I suggest you at least have a dual-core processor and 4gb ram memory to get good results.

Hopefully these tips can be useful for those who want to buy a VGA for gaming.

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