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Play games with ePSXe PS1-in Android

At this time I will post about PS1/ePSXe Emulator For Android. What it ePSXe? ePSXe is android application which is used for playing games or Playstation 1 PS1 or PS1 emulator on android smartphones. 

When launched for the first time ePSXe PC or Computer turns ePSXe also been released PS1 Emulator For Android Mobile. In ePSXe provides high compatibility and good speed. It is specially designed for Android smartphones and tablets. 

Well, if you want to use the Android Emulator ePSXe you can follow step by step how to install Android Emulator PS1 following: 
  1. Firstly Download ePSXe 1.9.5.apk in Here 
  2. Their Bios Here, for a collection of PS1 games you can ISO.PBP.BIN here 
  3. If Bios has been downloaded ePSXe and then you Install ePSXe on your Android. 
  4. Then open ePSXe and click "Run Bios
  5. Automated bios will be detected, if not find a place where you save the bios. 

Next , the way to play PS1 games on Android BIN.PBP.ISO as follows:
  1. First click the Run Game
  2. Then browse ISO.PBP.BIN PS1 file that you have prepared. For finding game you have downloaded please select Re-scan
  3. If you are already its select the iso file. And you can use the features Save State and Load State.

If the image quality is not fine and the sound quality is also poor you can download the plugin peopsxgl here.

The way is open ePSXe-> Prefence-> Plugins and select peopsxgl GPU next to the Video Renderer open and select peopsxgl / OpenGL Plugin and finishes. 

For those who do not fit with this plugin GL, Once you play the game then there will be a line - the line at first but after that will lead to quality clear image effect.

How do I use ePSXe PS1 Emulator Save State :
  • Search and then press the settings button in the Android dude and select Save State. There has been provided 5 slots for storing checkpoint for gaming 

How do I use a PS1 Emulator ePSXe State Load :
  • And how to use the Load State do not vary much the same way using the Save State. Press the button that is in the Android settings and select Load State.

Done, I hope the article about Play games with ePSXe PS1-in Android can halp you. Good luck

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