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Cool, This beautiful woman in Photoshop in 25 countries

What standard of beauty in a woman? Everyone has different standards of female beauty. Beauty can be seen depends on many factors, such as culture. And what female beauty standards by countries that have different cultures? Let us read the following news.

Some time ago there was a woman spread her original photo for enhanced with Photoshop by many Photoshop artists in various countries, with the aim to determine the type of beauty standards in each country.

Esther Honig, a freelance journalist who lives in Kansas City, USA, called the project which he did under the name Before & After. Honig idea came when he worked as a social media manager at a company in the United States.

One client Honig workplace is a website that offers international class freelance work. Honig found that many freelancers in various countries with the capabilities of Photoshop field looking for work.

"I was immediately interested, this is clearly an artist Photoshop has its own beauty references based on different cultures," Honig said as reported by BuzzFeed (26/06/2014).

Honig then send a photo of his face without make-up for a number of freelance workers in 25 countries. Honig asked them to photo manipulation software Photoshop to look more beautiful, according to the preferences of each artist.

As a result, Honig get a picture of his face that he had never imagined before. The images from each according to her is unique in determining the standard of beauty in a country.

However, these pictures also provoke debate about standards of beauty, which is actually difficult to be agreed.

"What I learned from this project, Photoshop can make the photo more beautiful according to our own standards, but if taken to a global level, the ideal beauty is an illusion," said Honig

Honig photos of manipulated by Photoshop experts in 25 countries can be viewed via the website Before & After on the following link: http://www.estherhonig.com/ #! Before--after-/cvkn.

What do you think about the greatness of the image processing software famous? Great or not?. And for those of you who are less canti do not be afraid, with all potoshop could be possible. Please try ... :)

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