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How to restore backup data on the Iphone 5

As a precaution in case of a problem that does not want on your iPhone, you should back up your data regularly, for example once a month. So you can restore your old files back if there are problems on your iPhone, such as forgotten passwords, etc..

If you are having problems forgot your password on the iphone please read here about how to reset the password on the iphone.

To restore data on the iPhone 5, there are 2 ways, choose one of the following ways:

Restoring data on iphone via itune, ways:
1. Connect the iPhone to your computer.
2. Open iTunes on your PC.
3. Click Restore from backup.
4. Seek your iPhone backup files are stored.
5. Click Continue.

Restoring data from iCloud on iphone, ways:

1. Connect iPhone to WiFi.
2. Press "restore from iCloud backup".
3. Go to the Apple account.
4. Choose the latest backup of your iCloud.
5. Now wait for the device to complete the restore.

Troubleshooting backup and restore:
  • You may receive an error when restoring your iPhone. If you receive an error 2004/2005 This means that there is something wrong with the USB port or a USB cable. To solve this just change the port or cable.
  • Other errors such as 3194 or 1600 erros can be avoided if you put your device into DFU mode instead of recovery mode. For this run, ways:
  1. Press and hold the Home button + Power button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the Power button, but keep holding the Home button for 15 seconds.
  3. Device will turn black, do not worry that is not broken.
  4. Connect your phone to iTunes, iTunes will detect the phone in recovery mode.
  5. Click Restore.
Ok, I think this post enough about how to restore the backup data on the Iphone 5. Hope can help you.

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