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Easy, Find your iphone by shouted at

The good news for you is easy to forget. Maybe you've experienced something like this. That is when you forget to put your personal belongings. Maybe you will panic, worry and annoyance. Especially for mobile phones, more specifically when you forget to put the mobile devices of Apple like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. During this time you use the call by using another phone.

Now there is an easier way, by shouting "call". The phone will tell you the location. As quoted by Cnet, this is possible by application called Marco Polo is available for devices with IOS platforms, the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Just say "Marco!" with a loud voice, the gadget that has the application will respond "Polo!" though in a state of sleep or rest.

Marco Polo was created by Matt Wiechec, a designer and developer of origin Toronto, United States.

"Now, where many events when we lost the phone on the couch or left on the coffee table, bathroom, now you can find it in a fun way," said Wiechec.

"Like playing hide and seek with the phone, running, shouting Marco!, And the phone will scream Polo! back in the other room," he added

Marco Polo works silently in the background while waiting for "the call" when needed. In addition to "Marco" and "Polo", available 30 wide choice of other words.

Phrases input can be adjusted so that the user can freely choose what words to use to call the missing gadgets.

Marco Polo is available in the app store App Store for $ 0.99. You interested?

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