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Coming Soon Anti-Theft feature in Windows Phone and Android

Theft of mobile phones seems also rampant in some countries. Various agencies have requested that mobile phone manufacturers to overcome this problem. It appears that the request was received by the inclusion of features 'killer'.

Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General said, Google and Microsoft will soon include this feature on the new generation of the Android operating system, and Windows Phone. With this feature, users can immobilize a stolen phone so it can not function and hard sold by thieves.

Google said in a statement announcing that they will be adding an anti-theft solution in the new version of Android. While Fred Humhries, Microsoft Vice President also said he would do the same.

In the United States according to the Federal Communications Commission study, more than 30% of thefts in major cities targeting mobile phones. And in some cases accompanied by violence.

The features of a 'killer' in mobile assessed effectively. Apple's iPhone has been equipped with features like this in September last year, which allows the user to lock or delete data on stolen iPhone. Since then, the iPhone theft rate dropped to 19%.

"These statistics illustrate the effectiveness of the amazing features of a killer, and Google and Microsoft's commitment is a big step forward for the safety of consumers," said Eric quoted by Bloomberg on Thursday (20/6/2014).

The good news is certainly encouraging us all as mobile users. Let's wait together as the reliability of what this killer feature on phones.

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