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Android smartphone $20, you want it?

What is the price of the current cheapest smartphone? Is in the range of $ 50. ARM, the chip designer whose products are used by various manufacturers of gadgets, predicts that the price of a smartphone (Android) can go down to around U.S. $ 20 this year.

This price is even lower than $ 25 for Mozilla Firefox OS based smartphone that was announced at Mobile World Congress 2014 in February.

Of course, as quoted by AnandTech, the lowest price, this smartphone will come with a lot of hardware specifications trimmed.

This smartphone, according to the slides shown at ARM Tech Conference Day, will include a single-core processors based on ARM Cortex A5 and 2.5G data connection (EDGE).

Prediction cheap smartphones from ARM

Although it sounds pathetic, Anandtech also noted that the Cortex A5 still much faster than ARM11 on the first generation iPhone, which is worth $ 599 when it launched in 2007.

According to ARM, the Android smartphone $ 20 should have started entering the market in the coming months.

The chip designer also said that cheap gadgets like these will encourage growth in the number of shipments of smartphones and tablet devices into a middle-class two-fold greater in the next five years.

In 2018, ARM predicts the number of mobile device shipments in the range of 2.5 billion units per year. More than 1 billion of whom allegedly entry level smartphones (under 150 dollars).

Does this mean that smartphone technology has been stopped? let's wait for the presence of this cheap smartphone like what ..

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