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Your iPhone battery quickly runs out? This may be cause

Facebook app became one of the most widely used in smartphones. Also included on the iPhone. But using social networking applications world is also bad, is the iPhone battery becomes exhausted quickly.

According to Computer World, behind the scenes Facebook application will do a lot of activities, and it is certainly an impact on iPhone battery becomes exhausted quickly.

Unfortunately some of the functions that are run are not very useful for many users, the example features VoIP calling services Facebook application. In addition, the instant messaging application embedded in Facebook also contributed to the iPhone becoming rapidly depleted battery.

Facebook apps on the iPhone even if the user does not activate the ram usage can be up to 90mb, especially if used Facebook application, could spend the ram of 180 mb.

So the principle is that the more the number of applications used in the iPhone, ram is also more widely used. And if more and more ram is used, the greater the electrical power spent, so the power iPhone battery will be quickly exhausted.

But not to worry, there are some easy tips that can be taken to minimize battery consumption on the Facebook app on the iPhone, ie turn off the features of the Facebook app is not necessary. For example, to turn off 'Background App Refresh' which is in the settings iPhone menu. Turning off this feature is claimed to be enough to save iPhone battery durability. Easy right?

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