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Tips to Save Battery for Apple Gadget by Apple Employees

Running out of battery is a scourge for all current users of modern gadgets, not to mention the kind of iOS  7 based iPhone, iPod, and iPad gadgets known as quite wasteful of power.

Well, specifically for Apple devices, there are several ways that can be taken to prolong battery life, or at least minimize unnecessary power usage.

Tips and tricks are summarized in a blog post by a former employee of Apple's Genius Bar named Scott Loveless.

Maybe because he's a genius, Loveless accustomed fiddling and dealing with various iOS 7 devices.

Here is the full explanation of the "genius" of the battery saving tips for iPhone, iPod and iPad with iOS 7:
  • Turn off Background App Refresh the application is not important
Background App Refresh is iOS 7 feature that allows the application to be able to obtain the latest information without overly consuming battery power.

However, not all applications should always be up to date. In some cases such as the Facebook app, turn off Background App Refresh for Facebook apps to save battery life is also true for several other applications. Please select applications would you turn off the Background App Refresh of its app. More details about this can be found here.
  • Do not shut down the application when "Multitasking"
Turning off applications running in iOS 7 is very easy to do. Simply open the multitasking screen by pressing the Home button twice, then wipe up the application window.

Many users believe that shutting down the application in this way can save battery. Is this true? Apparently not. Loveless revealed that deadly routine applications could potentially wasting battery.

When the application is turned off, the data will be erased from the memory (RAM). Well, when the application is then called again, forced to "re-dial" necessary data and store it in RAM. It requires processing system.

When this is done repeatedly, it will seize the iPhone battery power and ultimately a waste of battery power.
Anyway, further Loveless, iOS 7 will automatically shut down when the application requires more RAM space. So turn off the app manually to save RAM really is not necessary.
  • Turn off Push Email 
Push Email is a very useful feature for users who are always in touch via email. Email will be forwarded directly to the gadgets so that it can be seen immediately.

However, if the IOS 7 user experience frequent wasteful batteries, may push email can be one cause. Try changing the setting to "fetch" (Email only updated within a certain time interval), for example, every 15 or 30 minutes. Who knows, can make use of battery power becomes more efficient.
  • Enable Push Notification off Annoying
Games often receive notification"asking"to be played back ? Each time a notification is sent, the device was forced to get up and turn on the screen for a few moments while waiting for input from the user. Turning off Push Notification for some applications that do not need to be a little to save the battery.
  • Turn off the Battery Percentage Indicator
This one may sound a bit silly, even counterproductive to efforts to conserve the battery. However, according to Loveless, could be otherwise.

If the user is too concerned with battery life issues and frequently check the device to see the remaining percentage, then the battery will drain.
  • Enable Airplane Mode when the signal problem
When an Apple device is not receiving a strong enough signal, the power supplied to the antenna can be enlarged to capture the maximum signal. It certainly would drain battery power.

It will still happen even if the device is connected to a WiFi network. Due to the cellular signal is needed for phone calls and SMS.

Well, if you 're in an area with bad signal reception to the extent that can not be used to call, it's good to turn on Airplane Mode to turn off cellular signal reception. Since you also can not use your gadgets.

WiFi can be re- lit after turning on Airplane Mode, simply by pressing the WiFi button in the Control Center. This could be useful in places where cellular signal is not accessible but it has WiFi access, such as on an airplane.

Mobile data connection can also be turned off separately from voice and SMS connection which will then be transferred to the WiFi.

Signal indicator bar on the Apple devices only applies to non - receipt of the data, not the 3G/4G connection so that data reception may not be able to walk though the indicator shows a fairly strong signal reception. If the mobile data services are not getting enough signal, occurs constantly searches that may drain battery power.

These are tips for saving battery iPhone, iPod and iPad with iOS 7 that is given by Scott Loveless. These tips I quote from overthought. Hope it can help you.

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