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Tips for charging smartphones are good and right

Today, the smartphone can be used to do many things, from checking e-mail, read the news, take a picture, until the activity with a variety of social media and instant messaging. Unfortunately, with many of these functions, the battery is still a constraint.

Average smartphone battery power today have 4-5 hours of wear time if used intensely. Surely the time is not enough to accompany your daily activities. Here are some tips to charge the smartphone is good and right so that the battery can be long-lived.

Do not be left completely discharged
Many say that the smartphone battery should be left in a discharged before recharging. That's true, but only for batteries with nickel, which is now becoming obsolete or old-type battery, so the above suggestions are no longer relevant to the new type of smartphone batteries today.

The latest smartphones are now using lithium-ion batteries, which means that the treatment also differs from nickel batteries.

Smartphone batteries should be stored with the energy left in it remain above 50 percent or at least 20 percent.

Even so, sometimes the battery must also be "drained" out of stock, for example, once a month for calibration purposes.

Do not "in-charge" overnight
Habit of letting the battery connected to a charger overnight and then went to bed full of it are not good. Although some battery chargers are now available that can automatically cut off the electric current if the battery is fully charged, or 100 percent. But let the condition of the battery is always charged 100 percent of it is also not good.

Charging the battery fully charged by means of filling many times it's better for the health of the battery compared to letting the battery condition is often depleted or 0 percent or even 100 percent.

Lithium batteries are also vulnerable if left unchecked often run out of power due to lithium battery has a component that can be used to damage the battery itself to prevent the battery to explode. Although it does not happen every day, but users still need to be vigilant.

Avoid hot areas
Avoid storing in hot smartphones, such as on the dashboard of the car under the windshield of a car, though the smartphone is turned off. due to heat exposure often affecting smartphone can quickly damage the battery.

Lithium batteries are ideally stored in a temperature of 15 degrees celsius. And extreme temperatures can be handled between minus 40 to 50 degrees celsius.

Directly into electrical socket
How to charge the battery via direct electrical socket is the most recommended way. Although currently there are reportedly, is now available for wireless charging method, but this method also generates excessive heat and also not good for the battery.

Method of connecting the charger directly into a wall outlet is also faster and more secure when compared with her smartphone charger using computer or laptop USB.

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