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Surprising, U.S. public does not like Google Glass?

Google Glass presence in the community responded with diverse opinions. Specially in America, also commented on the presence of Google Glass with diverse opinions. There are amazed by the power of Google Glass but many are not happy with the presence of even scared with this smart glass. And the surprise is that survey say that most Americans are very frightened by the presence of Google Glass.

A recent study from research firm Toluna found that 72% of the correspondents that they interviewed turned out to worry about using smart glass or Google Glass.

Toluna find the fact that most people do not like the Google Glass due to privacy concerns, in addition to the problem of potential hackers.

"True, Google Glass has not sold freely on the open market, although obviously the tendency of individuals who have concerns about the potential impact" said Director of Toluna, Mark Simon, As quoted in Adweek, Tuesday (07/08/2014).

"It must be a consideration for Google and other companies before they become mainstream products in the public" he added.

Another reason why Americans do not like like the Google Glass is the presence of potentially cause interference problems caused by the use of Google Glass, such as the danger of accidents while driving. And a third of the 1,000 correspondents also fear of being robbed while using Google Glass on the streets.

How do you think about Google Glass? Are you one of those people who are interested to have it? or you include people who do not like Google Glass?

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