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List of Best Smartphone Version of GMA

At this time I will share a list of the best smartphones according to the Global Mobile Award which ended in February. GMA 2014 is the telecom industry awards event held to coincide at the Mobile World Congress 2014 which takes place from September 24 to February 27, 2014 in Barcelona.

GMA awards ceremony enters 19th year there are more than 38 categories are announced one of which is the best smartphone category. There are four gadgets to the attention of analysts and observers are comprised of more than 175 independent analysts, journalists, academics and materials experts from around the world participated in the judging process.

This is the fourth best smartphone Blackphone, Nokia XL, Galaxy S5, and HTC ONE. And this news is not less interesting than the category of Best Best iPad or Best Tablet and quite attractive customers and visitors to the MWC 2014.

For the category of the best smartphones, HTC ONE was ranked first, followed by several other vendors also get a place in that category. This is a complete list of version 4 the best smartphone GMA 2014 :


Blackphone or known by the 'nickname' Snowden is a smartphone that is claimed to be the most secure smartphone and can not be intercepted even by the NSA ( National Security Agency ) though. Silent Circle and Geeksphone make this smartphone with its main advantages, namely the voice data encryption feature also text data to avoid data theft by any party.

Nokia XL

Nokia products that use the Android operating system with a screen 5 - inches and priced at only 110 U.S. dollars. Quite interesting is not it ?

Samsung Galaxy S5

Needless to say, this new product from Samsung which is already familiar to lovers of gadgets. The advantages of embedded features in terms of both hardware and software makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 as Samsung's flagship products in 2013.


At the awards ceremony GMA 2014 HTC ONE smartphone was selected as the best in the category of Best Smartphone. HTC ONE becomes the best products throughout the year 2013 and became the most widely selected by the jury, and beat competitors who already have an excellent reputation, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Apple iPhone 5S, LG G2, and the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Title as the Best Smartphone HTC ONE One very surprising, but the fact that the jury actually been made ​​to fall in love with HTC ONE. HTC ONE was chosen as the best smartphone based assessment and interface design looks attractive so as to provide a different experience from other smartphone brands.

Meanwhile, Nokia and LG could steal the show in GMA this 2014 event. Nokia Lumia 520 managed to snatch the best cheap smarphone or Low Cost Smartphone. And LG was awarded as the most innovative manufacturers or Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year.

The best smartphones selection event is an opportunity for manufacturers to demonstrate a significant achievement for the players in the mobile phone industry with increasingly fierce competition from year to year.

Thus, information about the List of Best Smartphone 2013 we gave you. Hopefully it can provide a reference for you to be able to choose the best smartphone you want to buy. And let's wait for the best smartphone of 2014 on GMA this year.

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