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How to fix Windows 8 with Refresh PC feature

For those of you who like to reinstall an application on Windows 8, one day I guarantee you will have a problem. Especially if you do reinstall the application is unknown applications which you often find on the internet. Maybe the problem is not as severe as the windows can not be started or hangs or crashes. But a PC with Windows 8, you may feel heavy on the run. That's a risk if you often reinstall applications on a windows application.

In general, the cause of Windows crashes or hangs or maybe it just feels slow can be caused by the file system or registry settings messed up or broken. This is a weakness since the initial version of Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and now 8.1. All the versions I've been used it, except for the final version or Windows 8.1. And the reality is like that. For this, now I will give you tips and tricks for troubleshooting Windows 8, specifically for Windows 8, not for other Windows versions. 

To fix Windows 8 crashes or hangs, or is slow actually many ways. However, the method most often used by people in general are reinstalling windows 8. It is true, this is a good problem solving, but I think this is very troublesome and time-consuming. Actually on Windows 8, there have been a useful feature to overcome the screwed system or update the system files of Windows 8, but not all people know and want to try it. Besides fast enough to resolve the problem or fix windows 8, this method is quite easy to do.

To the point, features a quick fix without having to reinstall Windows 8 are Refresh PC. Refresh PC feature in Windows 8 is the update without deleting system files and Windows settings and without deleting your personal data. So, with Refresh PC your does not worry about losing your data and PC settings. Refresh PC process is the system will copy the data to a different location and then reinstall the Windows system. Once the update process is complete, the data will be returned back to previous place. This is the advantage of Refresh PC.

How to run a Refresh PC feature in Windows 8 is as follows :

  1. Move the mouse to the upper right corner of the display on the desktop or also by pressing Win + C to access the Charms Bar
  2. Click Settings, and then click Change PC Settings
  3. Will open the Control Panel Modern screen, select on the left and then select the General tab.
  4. Then on the right panel, select the Refresh your PC without affecting your files, and then click Get Started and Windows will display a window Refresh PC. 
  5. Follow the instructions and your Windows 8 will be repaired without removing the data, settings, and Metro apps.

Is complete, Windows 8 you have been repaired. Now you can try and feel. Now Windows you certainly will not often hang or crash. Even now Windows you will feel lighter to run. And, please check your data make sure the data is still there.

So these tips to fix your Windows 8 Refresh PC with features from me, it might help.

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