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Found new bug in OpenSSL protocol, change your password!

Just as information, recently found security holes in OpenSSL protocol. This security hole is called "heart bleed or heartbleed". Most of the web service provider that uses OpenSSL for encryption must distribute patches to prevent vulnerabilities that arise.

By exploiting security holes in OpenSSL, the hacker can steal the user's information even though the service providers are already doing encryption sites (marked with a "padlock" and the prefix "https:" in the URL address).

The problem becomes quite worrying because 66 percent of the internet service provider web using the OpenSSL tool. Big names it is like Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo etc..

We as users, nothing can be done to fix this bug except wait for web service providers to immediately patch the holes quickly newly discovered security. After that, the user can immediately change the password as a precaution if the old password we may have been leaked.

Well, here is a list of some of the services of popular websites that are known to use or not use the OpenSSL tool, as summarized by Mashable which was released on April 8, yesterday.

Do not worry, because since the list was published, some service providers have been distributing a patch to patch this Heartbleed bug. Here the list:

Site Name Affected heartbeat? Already patch? Must change password?
Facebook Yes Yes Yes
LinkedIn No No No
Twitter Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tumblr Yes Yes Yes
Apple Unknown Unknown Unknown
Amazon No No No
Google Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft No No No
Yeshoo Yes Yes Yes
Gmail Yes Yes Yes
Hotmail/ Outlook No No No
Yeshoo Mail Yes Yes Yes
Ebay Unknown Unknown Unknown
PayPal No No No
DropBox Yes Yes Yes
OkCupid Yes Yes Yes

In addition to seeing the list, to check if the site or service is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug or not, you can use the tool of Pass last

Source:  Mashable.com

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