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Easy way to increase the speed of Google Chrome on Android Smartphones

Are you Android phone users? Must be familiar with the Google Chrome browser. Yup, Google Chrome is the default browser on most Android smartphone, you definitely will not be familiar with the Google Chrome browser. I myself also recognizes that the mobile browser has many functions, but according to some survey Google Chrome browser is not the fastest in the world.

For example, as quoted techradar.com, Google Chrome is not the fastest, but it ranks third.

Ok, here I would not worry about Google Chrome is the fastest browser or not. But I am just going to share how to improve the speed of Google Chrome. It will not affect or improve the situation if the problem is caused by the phone card provider you have problems or problems caused by signal at your place. 

To make Chrome's performance will be much faster, here are some tips that I have outlined on pages Beating Android, let us follow the steps:
  • The first step you need to do is open the Chrome app on your Android device and then type the address " chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area " or copy - paste on your mobile phone. Look at the very top or the words " Maximum tiles for the interest area " yellow. And the below there is a button to choose the value of the setting, touch the button and select the highest value ( usually 512 ) and then press 'Relaunch Now'. This step allows the browser to use up to 512 MB of RAM memory, much higher than the default version is only 64 MB.

  • The next step, type " chrome://flags/#enable-new-ntp " by touching the box under the heading 'Enable the new NTP' and then change the default setting to Enable, and then press 'Relaunch Now'.

With two simple steps above, Chrome browser on your Android device definitely run faster and more responsive. Good luck...

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