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Be Careful With This Kind of Popular Android App

Malware is one of the enemy for most of the current systems. More so for being populer systems such as Android. This fear seems to be used by application developers to achieve profits by tricking. As a hot issue recently discovered that these applications are very popular but it is disguised or fraudulent applications in disguise.

One application of this is fake Virus Shield. Unfortunately, this fake application succeed to become one of the most popular apps in the Google Play Store with a 4.7 star rating.

In fact, according to Android Police is doing the tracking, the application really did not do anything on your Android device, completely unable to protect from virus attacks.

After dissecting the fake application code, Android Police discovered that the Virus Shield works only displays the sign "X" and then turn it into a "check" when the "scan" has been completed.

This application does not do anything other than just showing an X and a check.

Developers listed with the address "Jesse_Carter@live.com" could not be contacted. Unfortunately, many people who have been cheated by downloading this paid app priced $ 3.99.

Through Sunday (04/06/2014) yesterday, Virus Shield has collected records of more than 10,000 downloads and ranks first most popular paid applications in the Google Store in just one week.

To attract users, the manufacturer claims Virus Shield write "can protect real-time", "battery saving "and" not loaded with ads". Also add information fake review. The buyer Virus Shield is not aware that it had been duped and then give a positive review, so this application obtaining top positions paid applications and newer. No fewer than 2,600 users recommend this fake application at Play Store.

Virus Shield now has been removed from the Play Store. However, whoever the author may have managed to carry off tens of thousands of dollars by abusing the openness of Android.

We must be careful in selecting an application. Especially if it is a paid app. Still lucky the app fake that kind does not cause fatal effects like stealing your important data. Be careful dude :)

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