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Telegram, Claimed to be most secure instant messaging in the world

You must have been familiar with the application of instant messaging ( chat ) As with BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ), WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, and others. Some time ago, has emerged instant messaging application that is now a hot topic in the media , namely Telegram .

And most importantly, the developer has guaranteed that the application will be clean of digital advertising forever and all the facilities available can be obtained free of charge.

In addition, the issue of wiretapping by the NSA lately reap concerns various circles. Telegraph and comes with the claim that he is an instant messaging application safest in the world.

And to convince users of the instant messaging application claims the safest, some time ago Telegram has held a contest for anyone who can solve the security Telegram will be given a prize of U.S. $ 200,000 . Wow .. quite interesting.

And, after I tried the direct application of this Telegram on my computer quite satisfied with this application. My experience when using Telegram I feel quite satisfied because it looks simple and easy to use. And besides Telegram for computer is also very lightweight and fast. Ultimately I think this is an instant messaging application that is promising in the future .

If you are interested and want to try out the application please visit the official Telegram and select according to your device.

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