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How to secure Twitter account with activate Login Verification

This tips from me is very relative. This means that the tips I can not guarantee that your Twitter account is 100% safe. But at least we can take over again if our Twitter account taken over by another person or persons hacked. 

To secure Twitter account with enable login verification, the steps are as follows

  1. Login to your Twitter account. 
  2. Open "Tab" new browser [Ctrl] [[T] and to https://twitter.com/settings/security to open the menu "Security and privacy" (see picture).
  3. In the "Security" "login verification" select the feature you want to activate . Select [ Send request login verification ... +62 ] to activate the login verification via SMS or select [ Send request login verification Twitter for Android or iPhone ] to enable verification of entry via Android or iPhone app.

If your Twitter account has hacked and has replaced email and username , you can use the login verification the settings you have done above.

To restore Twitter account

To restore your Twitter account which has been taken over or has been hacked someone else , you can contact Twitter and run a process claim your Twitter account by accessing the website page "Request for help signing in to your account".

 And then : ( see picture ) , and follow the steps below:
  1. Select [ No. ] on "Are you able to access your account ?"
  2. Select [ No, it does not recognize my email address ] on "What form recognize your email address?"
  3. Select [ No, my email address is still not recognized company ] on "company is one of those email addresses is recognized?" ( See picture )
  4. Then entered the necessary data.
  5. Click [Submit] to transmit the data and ask the administrator to investigate your Twitter account.
These are tips for securing Twitter account to enable login verification. I hope it can help you, and make you become more careful keeping your Twitter account.

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