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Good news, Price Windows 8.1 will drop

Various methods are used to allow the number of users of Microsoft Windows 8 increases. One way is to cut prices to computer manufacturers who want to use the Windows operating system.

Microsoft recently enough hassles with the presence of competitors is Google operating system (Andoid) and Apple. Sales of desktop computers and laptops currently sluggish, especially Windows-based tablets more expensive when compared to tablets with Mac systems especially Android.

To correct these conditions, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft will cut the price of a Windows 8.1 license, from the previous USD 50 to USD 15. No kidding this news, and if the news is true then this is very encouraging news for users of computer devices. And also say this applies to all computer manufacturers who want to use Windows 8.1.

In addition to the price Microsoft is also starting to loosen some of the rules that they, like, touch screen a mandatory requirement for certain types of laptop, or even specifications that must be met to use the Windows logo certification.

With these new rules can be be ensured that in the future the computer or a Windows 8.1-based tablet will have a cheaper price. And finally Microsoft believes that Windows 8.1 users will increase.

Let's get together to wait for the truth of the news price Windows 8.1 will drop.

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