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Discount $ 100 for Windows XP users to upgrade to Windows 8.1

"Life" of Windows XP only any day, but users all over the world today there are many. Microsoft has done a variety of ways to encourage older OS users to upgrade to newer versions of Windows.

One of the newest, largest software company is offering discounted $ 100 for the purchase of devices with Windows 8.1 to Windows XP users. Not only that, Microsoft also provides free support for 90 days and the service is"free data transfer". This discounted applies to some types of devices with Windows 8.1, including Surface tablets and laptops.

How to get Microsoft's discounted, as quoted from Cnet, Windows XP users can make online purchases directly from the Microsoft Store using a PC running Windows XP. And also can also come directly to one of the retail stores of Microsoft with a Windows XP PC. This offer is valid only in a few areas only, is the United States and Canada. Congratulations for Windows XP users who live in these countries.

As reported by many media, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP start period on April 8. After that date, the operating system of Windows XP will no longer obtain security updates. And this is potentially vulnerable to security holes exploited by hackers. Are you ready to upgrade your computer with a newer computer?

But for those of you who still want to stick to using Windows XP you may be able to do some tricks for Windows XP, please read my previous article about : Tips for Users of Windows XP Before Support Ended.

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