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How to create a multi-boot USB FDD with Sardu

Here I incorporate into my multiboot USB FDD are :
- Hiren 15
- Windows XP SP3
- Windows 7 SP1

Should be prepared :
  1. At least 8 GB USB FDD
  2. Sardu app
  3. Iso of Hiren 15
  4. Iso of Windows XP SP 1
  5. Iso of Windows 7 SP

How to create a multi-boot USB FDD using Sardu :
  1. Download and install the app Sardu , please downlaod here
  2. Save all iso files in one folder , for example , E : \ ISO. 
  3. Click Change Images Folder / image picture ISO menu , select the folder where the ISO file is stored.

  4. Sardu will automatically detect the iso file, if the name of the iso file in accordance with procedures established by Sardu , All features that can be made will be automatically selected (hiren , live win XP , install win XP, install win 7, etc.) . If it does not work automatically , please change the name of all the iso file with a name corresponding to the provisions of Sardu ( click on the menu of each feature to find out the name of the file specified by Sardu , a popup will appear that the name should be given to the iso file to iso for these features ) . Do not forget to click on the FILE menu and then , Refresh Images / Change Images Folder ( repeat step 3 ). Sardu redetect your iso files. 

  5. Plug the USB into a USB port FDD.
  6. Backup your data on a USB , because the risk of losing your data .
  7. Click the search USB , so Sardu detect USB FDD.
  8. Click on the USB menu , select the USB format FAT 32 to format the USB (do not forget to backup the contents of your FDD ! )
  9. Click Bulid USB / USB big image on Sardu app. 
  10. Wait for the process of copying files to your USB . Because the file to be copied is large enough, then this copying process will take some time, depending on the spec of your computer.
  11. Done.

Now you already have a multiboot USB FDD versatile that can be used for various purposes to fix a computer / laptop , please check your own USB FDD what are the features in it .

Backup the your USB flash before doing this trick. Your data can be lost!

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