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ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 - State of the art of ASUS

ASUS brings the best variant for the graphics card Republic of Gamers products , namely ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780. Very different from the previous series , the ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 comes with two pre-installed cooling variants , namely Aircooling and Watercooling .

ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 uses the cooling system " DirectCU H2O Vapor chamber and the water channel" that has been attached directly and in combination with the "Extended cooling fins" heatsink with three heatpipes as Aircooling system . On cooling watercooling system , you do not have to bother anymore because the installation process just put a pipe and ASUS Poseidon Platinum instantly ready for use . And , for better performance , both cooling systems can be used simultaneously.

ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 is equipped with a GPU - based NVIDIA GTX780 GK110 - 400 is slightly different from that on the basis of Titan NVIDIA GK110 - 300 . ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 has 2034 CUDA Cores 3072MB GDDR5 video memory . With typical DirectCU CoolingASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 is equipped with 954 MHz GPU clock and 1006 MHz Boost clock or 91 MHz , higher than the reference card from NVIDIA . Meanwhile , the memory clock is still running at 6008 MHz . It is unfortunate that ASUS does not use NVIDIA GTX780Ti as the main processor.

ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 provides four ports of each of the full -size display port , one HDMI port , and two DVI connectors . These four can be combined to create an atmosphere surround view using four monitors at once .

For matters of power , the ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 uses a combination of 8 +6 power port which requires about 240-250 watts . It is necessary Power Supply with pure power stable . On the back of the power port , there are two red and green LEDs . The green color shows the power port has been installed correctly , while the red color indicates if the power port is not installed correctly .

At the time of testing , I only use Aircooling cooling and maximum temperature recorded was 70 degrees Celsius . This is pretty good considering the size of the GK110 chip larger than the GK104 . Cooling Aircooling provided more than enough to tame this monster graphics card .

In a synthetic benchmark testing using 3D Mark 2013 Fire StrikeASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 generate 8,756 points . While the gaming tests run in four games , everything went smoothly and without any significant problems . Tests using Ultra settings at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and 1,280 x 720.


  • Equipped with two cooling water systems and wind 
  • Walk with stable despite only using Aircooling 
  • Can play the latest games smoothly 

Poseidon-class graphics card ASUS High-End Platinum is specially designed cooling system Aircooling and Watercooling. In terms of features and design,  ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX780 is a State of the art of ASUS.

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