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Easy fix internet connection with Winsock Repair

Are you experienced when just turning on the laptop or notebook laptop wifi then you can not connect to a network (internet)?. If you have, then the first step you should do is to check your wifi adapter driver through the Device Manager that a default feature of Windows. If the wifi driver installed correctly, then it means that your laptop is not a problem, but it means you are having network connection problems caused by the software, adware or other damage registry.

This issue applies only if and when you've tried to fix the problem by way of a network disconnect, reset ip, repair using the default Windows feature, deleting and re-adding device wifi adapter, but it still does not work to fix your wifi connection then you can try the way this one. This method is to use a winsock repair tool.

For those of us (including me) who felt not a lot of understanding with computer network problems but still want to fix this problem as this one tool may be very suitable for our use. This tool is called WinSock repair.

In general, the function of WinSock repaire is:
  • IP release -> ipconfig / release
  • Renew IP -> ipconfig / renew
  • Flush DNS -> ipconfig / flushdns

Do not worry in using WinSock repair, because this tool can backup the windows registry, so it is quite easy and safe to use. You simply use with just one click.

  • You must restart your computer after this run WinSock repair.
  • This tool is not recommended for use on computers connected in a network such as offices, schools, cafes, or other networks because IP configuration, and DNS settings will be changed to the default of the windows.

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