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When a site could not be opened..

Have you experienced when opening the internet there are several sites that are blocked by antivirus, or maybe even that often. Why so?

If the antivirus blocking file you want to upload to the server hosting. There are two possibilities:

  1. These files do contain malware. If that is the file you want to upload to contain malware, then you should not do. Because it can potentially harm your site's visitors. In addition, the site hosting and browsers generally have a feature to block malicious applications that will result in blocking of the site and the site will be included in the list of dangerous sites or blacklists.
  2. Maybe the file did not contain malware but it is likely to contain a string that is considered malware by antivirus applications. To overcome this, you need to send files to antivirus vendor for analysis file to make improvements for fault detection.

If for some reason you still want to keep a file is to be cleaned by the virus, but you still want to keep this file, then you can insert the file into an exception so that the antivirus will not scan a file or directory. In general, there is a menu application antivirus 'exclude' or 'exceptions', select the directory or file you want to exclude.

To minimize mistake performance of antivirus, choose a good antivirus. How to choose a good antivirus? I read this article.

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