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How to Remove Lyrics Vocal Singer in Song Using Adobe Audition

Karaoke is fun entertainment for some people. They can spend hours just to entertain themselves with singing with friends.

It makes a lot of places the emergence of pop karaoke. So have you ever wondered how to make a song into a song with the karaoke format? the song that contains only music without lyrics vocal singers Well, in this article I will attempt how to change a song into a karaoke song using Adobe Audition.

Karaoke song is the only music without vocal accompaniment. You can use a tool Remove Vocals in Adobe Audition to minimize the vocals for a song.

Here is a tutorial to remove the vocals in a song using Adobe audition:
  • Prepare a song that you want to change, then open Adobe Audition.
  • Import songs ready.
  • Then select Favourites> Vocal Remove.

  • Save As and rename and change the audio format as you want.

Note: After the Vocal Remove the resulting sound less loud, you can choose Effects> normalize> change to greater than 100%.

This is a tutorial to remove the lyrics vocal singer in a song using Adobe Audition.

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