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An Easy Way To Install Windows 8 Via USB Flash Without Software

For notebook or netbook users may also want to experience using Windows 8. As we all know, recently launched Windows 8 has been widely mostly used by computer users the world today. If you previously used Windows XP or Windows 7 and want to switch to Windows 8, it is very easy. Here I will give way to install Windows 8 from a USB flash disk without the help of software (tool).


  • Windows 8 ISO or DVD of Windows 8
  • 4GB USB stick
  • A PC with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Steps to install Windows 8 via USB stick:

  • Plug the USB drive into your computer and our backup (store) before file2 in it if there is anywhere else.
  • Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories Right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator to run the Command Prompt with Administrator rights. Click Yes if the UAC window appears. 

We can also run the Command Prompt with Administrator privileges command through Start Menu - Search by typing CMD then followed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  • At the Command Prompt, type the following command and press Enter:

We will see the following message appears:

  • Now, type LIST DISK command and press enter to see the location of our USB flash disk, USB flash in this case I was under-1. Check the size of a USB flash next (see picture) make sure the location of the USB drive that will be used.

As the picture above, where his usb pendrive 15GB at number 1, so be sure to recognize the USB flash DiskPart us, if not detected, try to unplug and reinsert the USB pendrive and then repeat Step 2 above.

Now type the following command one by one followed by pressing the Enter key:

Now we have made our USB flash boot, Do not close the Command Prompt window, just minimize, and follow the next step.
  • Now Mount ISO file windows 8 we use the program Virtual CD / DVD like Virtual Clone Drive (free) or Ultra ISO etc, if you have a DVD-ROM, DVD insert it. Then mount an ISO file that, type the name of the drive letter (eg Drive G :), because we'll be copying the contents to the USB flash us.
  • Now we go back to the Command Prompt window earlier and start the following command: 
G: CD BOOT and hit enter (where G: is a virtual drive that we make and mount)

  • Type: Bootsect.exe / NT60 J: (where J: is the name of our USB flash drive, you can check in windows explorer)

  • Then open Windows Explorer and copy all the contents of the ISO file that we've installed using the Virtual CD, copy all the contents to the USB flash. If using a DVD-ROM copy all the contents of the DVD Windows 8 into the usb flash.

Done, now you have USB flash can be used to install Windows 8. Such an easy way to install Windows 8 Via USB Flash without software.

  • The above tutorial is using Windows 7
  • Please back up the contents of the USB flash before us, because we will format later.

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