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An Easy Way to Add the Start Button in Windows 8

Did you find it awkward to use Windows 8 in desktop mode, because there is no Start button or menu function? Then you can add an application called 8StartButton. Download application at http://www.totalidea.com/8startbutton/, install on your PC or laptop that has installed Windows 8.

After going through the installation process you will be prompted to restart the computer, follow the instructions. After the restart it in the lower left corner will appear logo Start Windows 8, which previously did not exist.

Logo is the start button that functions the same as previous versions of Windows, click on the logo, you will see a variety of menus. Tile or live tiles is available on the right side. And can be custom fit to your liking.

Now you can shutdown, run and view existing applications through the start button in Windows 8.

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