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Windows 8 finally released, what's the difference with Windows 7?

Windows 8 is finally released by Microsoft. As always, this latest version has many new features that are not available on the previous generation windows, Windows 7. It aims to attract users to switch and buy or upgrade to a version of Windows 8, then what features are in it? Below I will explain.

Windows 8 does have hundreds of new features, for example is a faster boot time, the function copy / move / paste that claimed so much better, there is a default anti-virus program (Windows Defender with all the features of Microsoft Security Essentials), users can use images as passwords, airplane mode (all things related to radio, such as WiFi and 3G will be turned off when using this mode) and many more are available.

But it turns out there is a feature of Windows 7 that is deleted in Windows 8 is a function of the "Windows XP Mode" feature of Windows DVD Maker removed, although you can still download on the official website of Microsoft.

To see the differences between the features of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7, please see the table below.

The current version of Windows 7 is the most widely used on computers in the world. The question with all the new features available on Windows 8 is able to force users to upgrade, unlike before where Windows Vista failed miserably to replace Windows XP.

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