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Which Safer: Linux, Windows or Mac OS X?

Is using open source (Linux) means safe from viruses than proprietary (Windows) that has been so popular?. I think the answer is yes. Currently, users of Linux more secure than Windows users because Windows virus more common than viruses on Linux.

But if we could give a little overview of the basic principles of security. Basically, all man-made software that brings nature of its creator (human) is not perfect and always has a weakness, it's called security holes (vulnerabilities) and vulnerabilities can be exploited by someone with malicious code to exploit the OS. 

To this day there is no OS that does not have security holes, and every day new vulnerabilities are always found, so the statement that more accurately reflects the issue is 'The question is not the safe application of the virus but if the criminals were motivated to exploit the applications'.

For reference, you can see the three links below:
  1. Mac OS the former never got a virus, but due to its popularity higher causing virus makers began targeting the Mac OS, and Apple had to retract its claim that the Mac OS can not be infected with viruses. Do Macs Get Viruses? Appple Removes Boast That OS X 'Doesnt't Get PC Viruses'
  2. Besides Flashback virus that infects 10% of users of Mac OS and Android OS (which is Open Source) is also growing malicious malware (malicious software) 300%, much higher than Windows malware that exist today. Q2 2012: Flashback infects 10% of Macs, Android malware up 300%
  3. The story of Linux is immune to viruses. Myth Busting: Is Linux Immune to Viruses?

Do you think, which one is more secure??

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