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Windows To Go, Can Bring Computers to Anywhere

Windows To Go

Windows 8 in addition to having different appearances there is also a feature that attracts many people namely Windows to Go.

As the name implies, features of Windows To Go allows us to "carry" our PC anywhere and can also be used on other computers.

Windows To Go point is to save all files on the computer (OS, applications and settings) to the USB stick and then from the USB flash drive you can feel working on your own computer for display and all the same like the one on your own PC.

Amazingly, this system is Windows To Go can be run on all computers even if the computer is still using the old windows version.

Windows To Go new features from Windows 8

What about the system other than Windows? There has been no explanation for this. No also explained about any application that can be included, whether only the default Windows application or all applications that we install. Let's wait, if all can be (not only from the default Windows application) so this is very interesting.

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