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Steps for Creating a Virtual Machine with Qemu

Qemu for windows
Applications such as VMware virtual machines or VitualBox very popular, but is there a similar application that is more "light" and opensource? One alternative that we suggest is to use Qemu that initially only be run on a UNIX operating system platform (Linux). But this time, Qemu has created a version that can also run on Windows operating system platform.

At this time I will show you some steps how to use Qemu to install Mikrotik operating system (Linux distro) to study the network. Here are the steps:
  • Download the latest package and install Qemu Manager.
  • Run Qemu manager. To form a new virtual machine to virtual operating system will be installed. Click the Plus sign (Create New VM). In the Wizard New Virtual Machine dialog box, type the name of the identifier for the new virtual machine, leave the other options. Select the type of operating system platforms in the field of Operating Systems. Click the Next button.
  • Determine the allocation of RAM memory sizes to be used by the new virtual machine in the Memory Size. Also specify the size of the allocation of space on the new hard drive in Disk Size Image. Click the Next button.
  • Click the Finish button. The new virtual machine as a "container" that you install the operating system will soon be formed.
  • Next, please adjust some settings. In the Virtual Machine, highlight the name of the virtual machine. Open the Hardware tab. Click on the Network Card.
  • If you want the virtual machine also has a connection to the network, in the dialog box Network card select Type = VLAN TAP Networking. Click the Select button on the TAP network adapter.
  • In the dialog box Tap Network Adapter, click the Plus sign.
  • Then in the dialog box TAP Qemu Manager Installer Setup, click the Install button.
  • If a warning box appears, click Continue Anyway button.
  • Back to the virtual machine settings, open the Drive tab. Click a row in the CD ROM.
  • If we want to install the operating system from the existing ISO file in hard disk, click on the colon. Point to the ISO file on your hard drive, then click Open and OK.
  • If you want to install the operating system from CD / DVD, click Use Physical Drive, and then point to CD ROM drive / DVD and click the OK button.
  • Back to the virtual machine settings, still in the Drives tab. Click a row in the Boot Order. If you want to install a new operating system from CD / DVD ROM, place the drive is at the top, then click the OK button.
  • When everything is ready, click the Play arrow button (Launch Selected VM) at the top of the screen.
  • The new operating system began to be installed into the virtual machine you created.
  • After installation of the operating system into a virtual machine is complete, remove the CD / DVD from the CD / DVD ROM drive and turn off the virtual machine with the click Stop Selected VM. If a warning box appears, click Yes.
  • Rerun the virtual machine that has been completed installed.
  • The virtual machine is completed and ready for use.

Creating Virtual Machine with Qemu

To download Qemu for Windows and more details about Qemu please visit this website:  http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~qemu-win/index.html

Hopefully this article helpful.

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