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IrfanView Freeware, Full-featured Graphics Viewer Application

If you work with computers running Windows operating system, you can only use Windows Photo Viewer feature to view your photo or image collection. But, this is the default of Windows applications can not be for many things. And, if you want to use another application that provides many features and free does not hesitate to choose IrfanView freeware.

IrfanView supports operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The program is very practical and lightweight to run. IrfanView is designed for beginners, but provides many features that are good enough for professionals.

By using IrfanView, you can take advantage of many exciting and unique features, and different features that you find when you use other applications. In fact, the actual IrfanView graphic viewer for the first application for Windows that can support a variety of formats such as animated GIF files, TIF, ICO, and etc.

These features of IrfanView application:
  1. Available in various languages
  2. Available options to see the preview / thumbnail
  3. Features available for drawing lines, circles, arrows, etc.
  4. Available to change the toolbar skins options make it more interesting and not boring
  5. Available features to create a slideshow that can then be saved as EXE / SCR
  6. Provided support for the filters of Adobe Photoshop program
  7. Having the ability to move from one directory to another directory with fast
  8. Having the ability to convert files in large quantities at once
  9. Having a file search feature
  10. And much more.

If you are interested in this application, you can download IrfanView on its official website for free. visit www.irfanview.com

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