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Review 5 Best Free Antivirus 2012

Want to find a best free virus protection software? Here are the review five best free antivirus 2012.
  • AVG Free Edition 2012
AVG Antivirus is the right choice to keep your computer from virus attacks, malware, and a lot spayware standards currently available. Pros AVG Free Edition 2012 is almost identical to the previous version, update the facility is 100% free with no time limit and can run on operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

AVG Free Edition 2012 antivirus can be downloaded here

  • Avast! 6 Antiviru
Antivirus is a free version of Avast! 6 who claim to be antivirus software most downloaded, which is 200 million downloads. For 2012, Avast Antivirus presents! Avast! 6 free version that is able to keep your computer from viruses and spyware and of course 100% free with no demo or indefinitely. So that makes Avast! 6 be a good alternative antivirus.

Avast! 6 free antivirus can be downloaded here

  • Microsoft Security Essentials
Antivirus is an antivirus software that is distributed directly by Microsoft and the software can be obtained directly if you update your windows operating system. As an antivirus that is made directly by Microsoft which is also maker of Windows OS, Microsoft Security Essentials of course may be the right choice to protect your computer from virus attacks.

Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded here

  • Avira Free 2012 Antivirus
If you need a free antivirus, fast, reliable and light run on computers with lower specifications, you can choose Avira Free 2012 antivirus as the protector of your computer from virus threats.

Avira Free 2012 antivirus can be downloaded here

  • PC Tools Free v9 Antiviru
If you need a compact antivirus but still a good virus scanning capabilities you can use PC Tools Free V9 antivirus, which is also easy to use and of course Free.

PC Tools Free v9 antivirus can be downloaded here

List of 5 best free virus protection software that I wrote above is 100% free, not trial antivirus (which is usually limited to 30 days).

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