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Easy Tips to Prevent Virus on Mac OS (Part 2)

At the tips previously mentioned that the Mac operating system has proven not immune to the virus. The following is an additional five simple tips from security experts at Kaspersky Lab, Costin Raiu, to improve the security of Mac computers from the threat of various types of dangerous viruses.

Here are tips to prevent the virus on Mac OS (Part 2):
  • Use code management
Password management functions can handle phishing attacks. The good news is that unlike Windows, Mac already to have password management system installed in Keychain systemIf possible, try to create a unique and strong password, then save the password in Keychain.

Each time the cyber criminals to attack, they will use the same password on all of your email accounts, Facebook, eBay, PayPal and others. Strong and unique passwords for each source can create stronger security for online security.

The other thing is there are a lot more complicated advice like having a separate Keychain with 3 to 5, for your important passwords. Are passwords important? such sources can make a financial losses: EBay, PayPal, online banking, and others. If that happens, you will not lose all your passwords.

  • Disable Bluetooth
Turn off the connection when not in use or not needed. It is intended to IPv6, AirPort and Bluetooth is a gap for the hacker in the attack. IPv6 is a new communication protocol that can be used on a Mac. It is still very rarely used. Would be safer if IPv6 is disabled. To disable it, you can choose Apple menu -> System Preferences, and then, press the Network.

If a locked Network Preferences, click on the symbol key and enter your admin password to make changes. Select your desired network services, such as IPv6, Ethernet or AirPort. Click Advanced and click on TCP / IP. Click on the IPv6 Configuration menu that appears (usually set automatically) and select Disable.

  • Enable disk encryption
Enable encryption of the disk in Mac OS X 10.7 + or Filevault. On Mac OS X Lion, Apple updated the encryption solution (FileVault) and adding a full disk encryption, known as FileVault 2. This is a boon for security for the entire disk as compared to the home folder and can be very useful if your laptop is stolen.

  • Update Adobe Reader
Upgrade to the latest Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader has become a target for cyber criminals on the Windows platform and is still the highest ranking among the other software in the world. Make sure you get the latest version of Adobe Reader to Adobe download page.

  • Use a good security solution
'Mac is not infected with the virus' has become a common theme we hear from ad 2006 to the PC image is 'sick' and Mac are 'healthy'. Six years have passed and the situation has changed dramatically. In 2011, cybercriminals began to press on with DNSChangers and falsified anti-virus on Mac users in an aggressive way.

Trojan Flashback which appears in September 2011 and caused a large explosion in March 2012, and a half million users around the world are infected by a Trojan Flashback.

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