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Easy Tips to Prevent Virus on Mac OS (Part 1)

Until March of this year, the Mac operating system proved not immune to the virus after some time ago 600 thousands of Mac users are infected. That number could still increase if Mac users are not vigilant.

Here are five simple tips from Kaspersky Lab experts Costin Raiu to improve the security of Mac computers from the threat of various types of dangerous viruses.

Here are tips to prevent the virus on Mac OS:
  • Create an account Non admin
Default account in Mac OS X is a user administrator and creator of the malware can take advantage of it to infect your computer. Therefore non admin create account and login using the administrator account to do if need be.

To create an account, go to the Account option in System Preferences. Then make non administrator account.

  • Use the browser's sandbox
Use the browser sandbox and has a solid track record, in terms of improving security issues quickly Kaspersky Lab recommend Google Chrome with a variety of reasons. One is that Google Chrome is more frequently updated than the Safari browser from Apple.

In addition to the sandbox, Chrome also comes with the sandbox version of the Flash player which provides a significant barrier to malicious sites. Google Chrome also has a stable renewal mechanism that can eliminate the fragility of the security barrier. Make sure the new browser as the primary browser.

  • Remove the stand-alone flash player

Adobe Flash Player is often become targets for hackers to take over your computer. Old versions of Flash player is at risk when browsing the internet.

  • Fix a problem in Java

Such as Flash Player, Java is also a target for hackers to embed malware on your computer. We recommend to remove Java from your computer. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow Oracle to update the Java for Mac directly. They do it themselves. Usually performed several months later.

This makes the window of exposure to the Mac takes longer than other computer users. Re setting configuration options in Java in Java Preferences > Application > Utilities. Do not check the box next to the list of versions on the General tab. If you need Java for some applications, it is important to disable Java in Safari and other browsers. For Safari, go to Preferences > Security > Web Content and uncheck Enable Java.

  • Run Software Update

Enable software update and update your computer directly when updates are available. Lately a lot of attacks on Mac OS X by taking advantage of older software or not updated. For example, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader or Acrobat, Java and Oracle.

Office 2011 for Mac is better (secure) than on  Office 2008 for Mac. If you are still using Office 2008 for Mac, we advise you to update it with the Office 2011 for Mac. Whenever you see a Software Update to offer, make sure you do to update and reboot your computer if necessary.

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