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6 Easy Steps to Maximize Raw File with Adobe Camera Raw

One of the advantages of photographing in Raw format is that we can re-setting and modify the image before it is converted into image files. How can it be? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Cool Colors

Each Raw file when opened in Photoshop, it is automatically opened
with Adobe Camera Raw (I use Photoshop CS6).
So that the color looks cool, lower the temperature as follows:
Temperature: 3800
Tint: +5

Step 2: Increase the Contrast

To improve the contrast, set the parameters as follows:
Exposure: 0.00
Contrast: +28
Highlights: +14
Shadows: 0
Whites: 0
Blacks: -35

Step 3: Optimizing Contrast

Change the contrast with the following parameters:
Exposure: 0.00
Contrast: +28
Highlights: +14
Shadows: 0
Whites: 0
Blacks: -35

Step 4: Increase Sharpness Specific Colors

Increase sharpness of the color as follows:
Reds: 0
Oranges: 0
Yellows: +16
Greens: +20
Aqua: +38
Shadows: -20
Blues: 0
Purples: 0
Magentas: 0

Step 5: Working with Split Toning

Modification of the color trend highlights and shadows separately Split Toning with the following:
Hue: 158
Saturation: 57
Balance: +34
Hue: 239
Saturation: 22

Step 6: Camera Calibration Profiles

Modification of the camera profile as follows:
Camera Profile: Portrait Camera
To reduce excessive blue element, set to Shadows parameters as: Tint: -9
Click the Open Image button to end this step, and Adobe Camera Raw will process this file into the image, then the file is stored in a format ready Tif or Jpeg.

*) The above photo was taken by:Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens: 24-70
Focal lengh: 70mm
Aperture: f/13
Shutter Speed: 1/3 second
ISO: 100

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