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Now Do Not Need a Special Graphics Card to Play the Game "Heavy"

Although it has been available since a long time, the graphics processing technologies, are embedded in the motherboard or processor unit (on-board) is often underestimated. On-board graphics cards are usually much slower than a separate graphics card. Let alone to play the game, running Windows was sometimes still faltered.

Therefore, Intel tried to change that view through technology-powered graphics processor that is embedded in processor Core-i "Third Generation" known popularly as "Ivy Bridge". On the processor family "Ivy Bridge" there are HD 4000 graphics processor and HD 2500 has a claimed speed of up to two times higher than the previous generation.

Intel also said that the processor's integrated graphics processor Core-i "Third Generation" is enough to play complex 3D games though. To prove this, Intel Channel Platform Manager David Tjahjadi yesterday has demonstrated the ability of Intel's HD 4000 to run the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in HD resolution (1280x720) in terms of the discussion on Monday (5/28/2012).

And based on our observations, the game can run smoothly without any visible broken although some advanced graphics features such as anti-aliasing is also activated. "Not just for games, new technology from Intel processors also have the ability to QuickSync Acceleration to speed up certain tasks, such as video encoding application that typically uses Cyberlink Espresso," said David.

But Intel is not the only manufacturers that provide the processor with a powerful integrated graphics processors. Its rival, AMD, also has equipped CPU with integrated graphics Radeon homemade is even mentioned having a higher speed than its competitors. Please specify your choice? whether you choose a product from Intel or AMD.

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