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The Easy Way to Combine Files with HJSplit

HJSplit is a software that is used to split a large file into several parts. HJSplit can also be used to combine multiple files that have been broken up into one whole file. The following tutorial how to combine the files using HJSplit. Please read and understand.
  • If you do not already have these freeware, please download HJ-Split.
  • Make sure all files to be merged (file extension .001, .002, etc.) are in the same folder.
  • Once downloaded, run the HJ-Split (double-click the file hjsplit.exe, this application does not need to be installed).
  • After HJ-split menu window appears, please select the Join.

  • Press the input file, and then locate and select the file 001 (only 001 files, 002 files and the other does not need to be included because it will be detected automatically by HJSplit), then click open.

  • Set the output file, determine the location of the result of merging the files will be stored (default location is the result of merging the file will be matched with the location of the file 001).
  • Once configuration is complete, click the start button and wait until the process is complete. 

If it is less clear with the above tutorial, please see the video below:

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