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Site Inspector, Free Malware Detection Service from Comodo

Internet security providers, Comodo, from the month of April will provide a special portal to scan for malware (malicious software) on internet websites. "This free service is an early warning system for businesses when their site contains a specific code that is included in the blacklist," as written in the official announcement of Comodo.

The site owner can every day to check out the three pages in a single domain through SiteInspector. If malware is found or if the site is included in the blacklist service, the owner of the site immediately notified via email. "Comodo believes this early warning system will be able to save thousands of owners of the official site of the potential disaster that their sites are included in the blacklist," the official announcement.

Inspection services on the site including malware SiteInspector on three pages in a domain of repeated and automatic, daily review sites that are not included in the blacklist, and an immediate notification via email if it detects a problem on the site. Then, reporting services and advice in the application of mitigation of the threat of malware if found, and registration (sign up) quickly in order to use this online service.

One more, SiteInspector service is also available on the internet browser Comodo Dragon. For more details please visit here.

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