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More comfortable, Android tablet is connected to the LCD monitor

Android Keyboard Windows sometimes covering half the screen, so that sometimes makes it difficult for the user. If we are more likely to often be at home and want to become more comfortable using your android tablet such as using a desktop PC, might be able to use this trick. The trick is to connect the Android tablet with an LCD monitor. so that we can be more convenient to work such as using a desktop PC.

This technique is very easy to do as long as it is available port in monitor and input port. Although each Android tablet has a standard port is different, but generally have three common port that is USB, HDMI, card reader. three ports can be connected to a PC.

Port that will to function on this trick:
  1. HDMI port, can double the Android screen into the monitor via HDMI cable
  2. USB port, can connect devices such as keyboard and mouse.
  3. Memory card, used for external storage such as storing data.

This equipment is called a USB to PS2 port converter. this converter is required if you have a keyboard that uses a PS2 port. If you have a keyboard with a USB cable port, can connect directly to a USB port on Android tablet.

As Android Tablet from Toshiba Thrive, already has a full port. As shown in the image below, this device has a micro USB port 1x, 1x HDMI port and 1x USB port.

2 Port USB can be connected to a PC such as mouse and keyboard. While the monitor can use the HDMI input. Other jack connectors as shown on the right image is a jack for Mic and Headphone ports, and the right jack is a jack for electric power.

When you have all the equipment you need to connect to the Android Tablet LCD monitor,
that is:  
  1. The left side HDMI port is connected to the monitor 22 inch
  2. USB port converter connected to the PS2 port for keyboard.
  3. While the far right is the cable jack port for power

As the picture below, Toshiba Thrive Android is connected with a keyboard and monitor. Android screen display will look like 22-inch LCD screen. As for the typing can use the regular keyboard. Because the micro USB converter is not available to ordinary USB, the mouse can take advantage of the touch screen on the Toshiba Thrive.

Pictured above is the result of his trial, please try it yourself..

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