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Free backup data on Dropbox

Dropbox is a file storage service on the internet in the form of photos, video, documents, files and other types. Through Dropbox you can store and share files or folders with others through internet synchronization. There are two types of file storage service offered by Dropbox file storage services are free and paid version.

You can avail the services from Dropbox to backup your important data. Dropbox is a storage alternative other than using the flash. If you forget to bring a flash or external hard drive, you can use this service to retrieve data or files that you need wherever and whenever you are. Storage capacity provided by Dropbox is large enough, for the free version provides a capacity of 2 GB, while the paid version is available with a capacity of 1 TB. Although different in kind, which distinguishes free and paid Dropbox account is its capacity only, while the facilities on offer relatively the same.

To backup data or file, you can save it through a web browser and then open the Dropbox website directly. However, if you do not want to use the browser because you want more speed, the storage process can be done directly through windows explorer that has been synchronized with Dropbox account. To synchronize data with Windows Explorer you must first install the Dropbox application on your computer. Dropbox desktop version of the application can run on all operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux. Even according to the latest news Dropbox application can be run through mobile devices based on Android, Blackberry, Iphone and Ipad. On mobile devices, Dropbox can also store photos or images are recorded through the camera directly.

To get the maximum bonus extra free space by more than 20 GB, how:
  1. Sign up through your referral link. (+ 500 MB)
  2. Choose and follow all instructions in the Get Started. (+ 250MB)
  3. Choose and follow all instructions in Get the extra space for free! (640 + MB)
  4. Invite 32 friends via your referral link (+16 GB)
  5. Follow the quiz from the Dropbox (Dropquest)
  6. Do not forget to install the application

Extra bonus on top just for the free version of Dropbox, if you choose the paid version you will definitely get a bigger bonus storage. To sign up to Dropbox please register here.

Good luck!

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