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An Easy Way to Capture Screenshots in Windows XP with Snappy Freeware

This time I wanted to share a small tool (Freeware) that serves to capture screenshots on your computer screen / desktop. In windows 7 and vista tools already exist. But for users of Windows XP, this tool does not exist. Therefore, here I will share this little tool, that Snippy, is a tool that captures screenshots of small but very useful.

Snippy advantages:
  1. No need to install
  2. The size of this tool is very small (under 100kb!)
  3. Display / interface that is easy to understand
  4. Light weight during use.
  5. free to use (Freeware)

If you want to have a freeware that allows you to capture screenshots, please download Snippy here, and please try this tool yourself and feel its usefulness..

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