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Easy to Repair Damage Windows Using Freeware Windows Repair (All in One)

Often we find a variety of problems in the Windows operating system that we use. Whether it's due to a crash between software, error due to tweaking, or other issues. The last way is usually taken by reinstalling Windows is. However, there is a decent free software that you try before you decide to re-install your Windows. By using this software, there is an opportunity for you to be able to repair Windows without having to reinstall.

Actually performed by the Windows Repair (All in One) is re-customize your Windows to minimize the damage caused by improper settings, either with software or other tweaking process. On the one hand, the software reset back to your Windows without the need to re-install.

The software has many tools and features powerful tool to Repair Windows, among others:
  1. Reset Registry Permissions 
  2. Reset File Permissions
  3. Register System Files
  4. Repair WMI
  5. Repair Windows Firewall
  6. Repair Internet Explorer
  7. Repair MDAC & MS Jet
  8. Repair Hosts File
  9. Remove Policies Set By Infections
  10. Repair Icons
  11. Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
  12. Remove Temp Files
  13. Repair Proxy Settings
  14. Unhide Non System Files
  15. Repair Windows Updates
  16. Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
  17. And many more

And here's how to use freeware Windows Repair (All In One) is:


But of course the Windows Repair (All in One) are not always 100% successful. If after you repair the damage but still have not handled your Windows problem, would be a last resort reinstall you should take.
For download this Freeware Windows Repair please visit here (3.92MB)

Hopefully I fix this without reinstalling windows of benefit to you...

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