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Freeware to protect your applications

If our computer is often used by other users, especially our children are still small, we need to try using the freeware on this one. AppLocker is that it allows us to lock / protect against a particular application.

By using AppLocker is freeware, computer owners will not feel "anxious" about to the risk of damage from a particular. In addition, we also can protect applications that may need to control its own when the kids run it, such as chat application, internet browsers or even a particular game.

Before using this freeware, please download this AppLocke here.

After successfully downloading AppLocker, install on your computer. Once successful, we try to run AppLocker, and if successful, we will find a window Application Locker, as below:
  • Mark applications (checklist) on the application that appears in the list of existing applications.

  • If so, click "Save" and continued with the "Close".
  • If the application is not on the list, we can configure itself via the menu "Configure" up window will appear as below.

  • Then fill in the name of the application on the "caption" then fill in the name of the executable file (*.Exe) in the "Executable file Name" and proceed by pressing Add.
  • If the setting is complete and then continue by pressing OK.

Now, try to applications that we have the key and make sure the application is already locked. If there are users who want to try running a application we've found the key it will comment, as below:
Notes and Requirements:
  1. This application can only be used to protect files that are executable (*. Exe) only.
  2. Requirements >> Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008.
  3. Who are interested, please download the AppLocker please here.
Good luck!

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