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Access computer from anywhere using TeamViewer

There are times when we want to access a computer that is not before us, let's just want to access data or applications on another computer or another. If both computers are connected to the Internet, it can be done easily using the TeamViewer software.

TeamViewer is one of the Remote Desktop software is quite popular and widely used. because these applications can run on various operating systems, like Windows, Mac OX X, Linux, IOS even Android (mobile phone). We can use the application freely for non-commercial use.

Remote Desktop is a method or process that allows us to access another computer remotely (connected to internet or network), as if the computer in front of us.

TeamViewer consists of two main applications, one application that runs on your computer and another on the computer to be accessed via your computer (remote). Once they are connected then we can access your computer remotely with ease because it can appear on the remote computer desktop (complete with the initial menu, applications, and the icon is there).

In addition Installer is available in the form, the application is also available in portable version.

The use of TeamViewer

For computers to be accessed please download TeamViewer QuickSupport. then Run, wait a while so we will get the ID and password.

This ID is unique and we can not change, while the password can be changed or made random (right click on the password field and select "Create new random password"). We will be able to remote computer if you have the ID and password. So, do not give the ID and password to just anyone.

As for the computer used to remotely access, download and install TeamViewer. Next run TeamViewer.exe. To access another computer, fill in the Partner ID corresponding to the ID that we will access your computer (we have seen before).

Then we can choose the Remote Control or File Transfer, click the button Connect to partner. After that if you want to access your computer is online and TeamViewer Quick Support is also active, then we will be connected and will be asked for a password. Once the ID and password is correct, we will be able to access the remote computer's desktop. With this TeamViewer.exe our computers can also be accessed from other computers by providing the ID and password appears.

So the remote computer using TeamViewer terms are both computers must be connected to the Internet.

Download TeamViewer for various operating systems can be found here

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