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List driver download link various Laptop (Notebook)

Continuing the previous article about List various motherboard driver download link , this time to switch to the Laptop / Notebook that has begun to mushroom. Sometimes because of various things we have to find its own drivers, either because it does not include CD / DVD, downgrade to Windows XP or when only the included drivers and other Windows Vista.

Before looking for drivers notebook / laptop important thing to note is the brand and type of product. Brands are usually written near the LCD screen, on the front cover or around the keyboard as well as the type. Often also the type listed at the bottom of the notebook are written either in sticker or written directly on the laptop. 


By knowing the brand and type of notebook / laptop, then try looking for drivers from the official venfor as follows:

If the official download link above laptop can not find the desired driver, may still be sought from blogs, other websites through google.

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