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Download Free, Portable Virus Scan from Microsoft

When a computer is infected with the virus and the antivirus installed on the computer we are not able to handle it, one alternative solution is to use a portable antivirus or a virus that is able to scan directly without the need to install and update, a relatively new one is made by Microsoft, the Microsoft Security Scanner.

Microsoft Security Scanner is a portable application (no need to install) that serves to check and scan the computer will likely infected with the virus (malware). Program provided by Microsoft is going to constantly update with the latest virus database. Because it is portable, then we can also directly run from a USB stick.

Use of this scanner is easy, once downloaded and run. Will perform three choices whether we will do the Quick Scan, Full Scan or scan a specific folder. After that the scan will take place and if it detects a virus, worm or other malware will be in quarantine or delete. Because of its only direct scan (on-demand scan), then this program is not a substitute for antivirus capable of monitoring computer activity at any time.

One important note: 
That the Microsoft Security Scanner can only be run for 10 days after the download. After that then we should re-download this program. This is to ensure we use the program with the latest virus updates, because the virus scanner does not include the update feature in it.

Tips, seems to use the program only 10 days to do this by checking the date of the computer, so if we still want to "force" to use this scanner after 10 days, maybe can try to change the date of the computer to a previous date (the date we dowload this program or a few days afterwards).

This virus scanner can run on Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Minimum specifications are also quite small (500 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM and 200 MB hard disk space). Available for both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. In addition to downloading the program does not require the checking of the original windows.

Download Microsoft Security Scanner msert 32 bit (72 MB), msert 64 bits (73.9 MB)

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