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Turn on the HyperTerminal in Windows 7

Hyper Terminal is used for data communication via the serial com port or TCP / IP winsock. Unfortunately on Windows 7 was not found anymore, but still many of us who still need it, not the solution if the computer had to downgrade to Windows XP

Fortunately there are solutions to enable or display the Hyper terminal in windows 7, how easy, we just go to a computer that is still using Windows XP OS, then Copy 2 pieces of a file that is associated with hyper terminal and hypertrm.dll hypertrm.exe.

  • Location file: C: \ Program Files \ Windows NT \ hypertrm.exe and C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ hypertrm.dll
  • Copy and Paste the 2 files into your Windows 7 computer, (create a new folder and paste these 2 files)

  • To run the Hyper Terminal, Execution files hypertrm.exe
  • If there is no Windows XP, the file can be downloaded here 

There is a slight disadvantage that the icon does not appear, but in my opinion it does not matter because it works with normal function and no problems.
Hopefully helpful.

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